Boston Union Gym

Character. Vision. History.

Oldest gym in the country. Founded in 1851.

A commissioned historical landmark by the City of Boston. Oliver Wendell Holmes gave his last public reading here. John F. Kennedy said our work could inspire the country. Our members don't simply belong to a gym; they're part of a legacy.

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit. A legacy of charitable service.

Hardy spirits, sound minds, healthy bodies. As both a gym and a nonprofit, we reinvest revenue from memberships into programs that benefit youngsters in the community.

A world-class facility. A vibrant local character.

A gym, not a health club. A quality of mind and character, and a freedom from pretense, worthy of Boston's residents.

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Boston Union Gym · 48 Boylston Street · Boston, MA 02116 · (617) 482-1122